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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age a child can enroll with PTJM Online?
Children from age 6-17 can enroll to the selected class accordingly.
Why parents choose us?
We have 30 years teaching experience in Malaysia syllabus and use the experience to build first-in-Malaysia e-learning website which collaborate learning, assessment, reporting and extracurricular activities (PTJM Children club) platform.

We have multiple exclusive teaching tools to help students to learn passionately and effectively. Our students’ result is extraordinary and they enjoy learning.
How can you help if my kids learning progress is fell behind?
Yes. Our learning video support replay feature for 14 days and the students can interact with teachers directly and promptly in class. So that, the student can learn according to their own pace.
If my kids want to learn more after class, how can you help?
We do have supplementary online assessment for students, and the answer will be marked automatically by the system. The mark will be recorded to earn rewards from us to encourage learning passion.
How to ensure the students achieve same attention as offline tuition?
Our system allows students to give prompt feedback to teachers, they will feel experience a private one-to-one tuition over the classes. Students also can submit their tuition homework like essays, making sentences, ulasan …… to teachers for further guidance.
What so different of PTJM Online with other tutors?
We provide learning progress and learning style analytics to help parents, students and teachers.

We also have Children Club which is a club for our students to organize activities, like camping, touring, editorial and also charity. This train students to find passions in life other than school life and also train leadership in the process. (Every student is automatically our member)
How much is PTJM Online Cost?
Standard 1-3 (RM 20 per subjects), Standard 4-6 (RM 30 per subjects) and secondary school (RM 40 per subject). Pay quarterly to enjoy 10% discount.