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Our Story

30 years of experiences

Pusat Tuisyen Jasa Maju was established by Mdm. Tan Moy Seng, in Melaka in 1997. Mdm. Tan Moy Seng graduated from Maktab Perguruan Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur in 1989. She had experienced the various stage of education revolution in Malaysia, from KBSR syllabus to KBSM, KSSR and KBAT which started in year 2016.

Thus, she predicted the old method of educate will obsolete in no time. In 2017, Pusat Tuisyen Jasa Maju started to apply E-learning software and since 2018, self-developed a tuition platform, PTJM Online and applied it in 1st of December 2019.

Our philosophy

Application of knowledge

KBAT syllabus encourage students to apply the knowledge learnt in their daily life. Therefore, we always include latest news and topics for student’s discussion to apply the knowledge they learnt.

We use flashcards and other teaching instruments to help students learn to read, listen and write. We also teach them effective reading skills to learn to comprehend, understand and think via reading.

We have professional and well-trained teachers which can provide complete, multicurricular course to give students best learning experience and proven good result.

Lifelong learning

Our teachers not only provide curricular guidance, but also emphasize on the positive attitude and competitive soft skills for the students to embrace the future. The students will be taught to differentiate the rights and wrongs and also extract the information out of the massive sources today.

Our platform also uses analytical tools to assess and understand the mode of study of different students. Teachers will use the appropriate way to help students to learn effectively, creatively and also cultivate compassionate and human spirit.

Cultivate 21st Century talents

As technology advance, 21st century is a time of fast changing and revolutionary. Malaysia education is also under this trend of revolution. The syllabus had changed to less exam centric and thus it is difficult to test the level of understanding for the students.

PTJM online consists of interactive assessments, fun approach of teaching and also reward system to encourage active learner and well- performed students. Our system had proven result to guaranteed improve student’s academic performance within 3 months.

We not only teach knowledge but also the positive attitude to acquire them. We have rich contents of exercises, and also use mind maps and brainstorming questions to train the students creativity and problem-solving skill sets. The students have fun learning experience as they acquire lifelong learning skills.