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Terms of Use

Last Updated : 2020-07-01


  1. Pusat Tuisyen Jasa Maju (“PTJM”) aims to provide Users (any person accessing the Site)  with access to its online learning center  subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) which govern the use of the Site.

User Acceptance

  1. The User is advised to read and carefully understand the Terms. By accessing and/or using this Site, the User acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these Terms without limitation or qualification. If the User does not agree with these Terms, please immediately cease access to and/or discontinue the use of this Site or any page thereof.
  2. PTJM reserves the right to amend, revise or modify these Terms at any time and from time to time at PTJM’s absolute discretion without prior notice to the User. Such amended, revised or modified Terms (“Amended Terms”) shall be effective upon publication on this Site.
  3. The User is advised to review these Terms regularly to ensure awareness of all the current terms governing the use of this Site. If the User continues to use the Site and/or services provided by PTJM on the Site after the date such Amended Terms come into effect, the User shall be deemed to agree and accept such modified terms. 

General User Obligations

  1. The User is wholly and personally responsible for the use of the Site and uses the Site at his/her own risk.
  2. The Site contains, among others, advertisements, courses, learning materials, workbooks, links and other material or content (“Content”) which may be supplied by PTJM and/or third parties and the User may access the site only for the preceding purpose or Content.
  3. In accessing and/or using the Site, the User undertakes and agrees to comply with the following:
  1. Use the Site in accordance with all applicable laws being in force in Malaysia;
  2. Cause any damage or loss to any person or other Users;
  3. Disclose personal data of another User without that User’s consent;
  4. Not gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access into PTJM’s computer systems and/or servers;
  5. Not stalk or harass any other User;
  6. Not collect personal data of other Users other than for the purposes of facilitating transactions contemplated under the Site;
  7. Not in any way copy or reproduce the Content without PTJM’s prior written consent;
  8. Not impersonate any other person or entity;
  9. Not cause the Site to be unavailable for use by other Users including by way of denial of service attack;
  10. Not create any liability for PTJM and/or other Users.

Use of Site and Content

  1. PTJM grants the User a limited, non-transferable and revocable license to access and make use of the Site and its Contents (“License”).
  2. The User is prohibited from using the Site and the Content in a commercial manner and the User shall refrain from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling or otherwise exploit the Site and/or Content and/or any portion thereof for any commercial purpose.
  3. The License granted to the User shall be deemed to be automatically revoked upon any unauthorised use or breach by the User of any of the Terms herein.


  1. In order to access and for continued use of the Site and as part of the account registration process, the User is required to provide certain personal data such as name, contact to PTJM.
  2. In the event that the User decides to create a user account under the Site, the User agrees to provide true, accurate and current information about itself and to promptly update such information in the event of any changes.
  3. The User is solely responsible for keeping their user account identifications and password safe and secure. Unless proven otherwise, actions taken under any user account identification shall be deemed to have been taken by the User. The User shall immediately notify PTJM in the event that the user account identification or password is compromised or suspected to be compromised.
  4. The User is solely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information provided on the Site.  

Personal Data

  1. The User may be required to disclose certain personal data which includes but not limited to identification number, contact details in order to access and use certain services or features available on the Site.
  2. The User is deemed to have understood and agreed to usage of the User’s personal data by PTJM either by the User’s continued use of the Site or through the submission of the User’s personal data to PTJM for the purposes of gaining access to certain services or features available on the Site.

Copyrights & Trademarks

  1. The content, text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files, and their arrangement on this Site are all subject to copyright and other intellectual property protection. The copyright in the materials contained in this Site either belongs to PTJM or used with permission from content suppliers or its licensor(s) (as the case may be). These materials may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor be modified, transmitted, displayed, reproduced, published, or reposted to other sites or otherwise used for any public or commercial use without the prior express written permission of PTJM or the respective copyright or trademark owner (as the case may be). The User may print, copy, download or temporarily store extracts from this Site for your personal use only.
  2. Unless the express prior written consent of PTJM or the relevant PTJM’s affiliate or third party proprietor has been obtained, nothing contained on the Site shall be construed as granting any license or right to use, copy or modify such trademarks, service marks or logos.
  3. All submissions of information by the User to PTJM, including but not limited to any ideas, concepts, feedbacks or techniques, via this Site or any pages thereof, shall become and remain the exclusive property of PTJM. The User hereby disclaims any proprietary rights in such submissions. In the event any applicable law does not allow PTJM to acquire the intellectual property rights in such information in the foregoing manner, the User will retain the intellectual property rights in such information. In such event, by submitting, posting or displaying such information via this Site or any pages thereof, the User shall be deemed to have granted PTJM a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast or otherwise use or distribute such information.

Links to Third Party Websites

  1. This Site may contain links and/or references to other sites that are independently owned, maintained or operated by third parties that are not under the control and/or supervision of PTJM (“Linked Sites”). The links are provided for the User’s convenience only and shall not be shall be interpreted as a recommendation and/or endorsement by PTJM of the contents of the Linked Sites and/or any products and/or services appearing on and/or provided through such Linked Sites. The use of a Linked Site shall be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies stipulated by the operator of each Linked Site (if any).

    The User is encouraged to review the privacy statements of all Linked Sites visited, including those whose links are provided so that the User can understand how these Linked Sites collect, use and share the User’s information. PTJM is not responsible for the privacy statements or procedures, content or data handling practices on these Linked Sites.

  2. PTJM hereby expressly disclaims any responsibilities and makes no warranties (express or implied) in respect of the contents, materials, products or services posted or offered at any of the Linked Sites. The User’s access and continued use of any such Linked Sites and their content, materials, products or services is solely at the User’s own risk. PTJM shall not be responsible or liable , whether directly or indirectly or howsoever arising for any loss, expense or damage caused by or in connection with the User’s use or reliance on such content, materials, products or services of the Linked Sites.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

  1. All contents or materials, information and functions contained in this Site are provided on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS AT” basis. To the fullest extent permitted by law, PTJM disclaims all warranties, endorsements or representations, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the following:-
  1. The correctness, accuracy, adequacy, reliability, completeness and usefulness of any contents or materials, information or functions contained on this Site;
  2. That access to this Site will be uninterrupted or that there will be no downtime, delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of information as this Site is transmitted to the User; 
  3. That no viruses or other contaminating or destructive materials or elements will be transmitted or that the User’s computer system will not be damaged from accessing and/or using this Site; and/or
  4. Terms as to skill and care or timeliness of performance.
  1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, PTJM, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors and/or officers and/or employees and/or agents shall not in any manner be held responsible or liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any losses, damage or expenses incurred by the User arising out of or in connection with:-
  1. The User’s access or use of, or inability to access or use this Site; and/or
  2. The User’s reliance on or inability to use the contents or materials, information or functions on this Site;
  3. The quality, safety, suitability or legality of the vehicles, goods and/or services advertised, the truth and accuracy of the User’s content or listings, ability of the sellers to sell such vehicles, goods and/or services or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. 
  1. To the fullest extent allowed under applicable laws, PTJM, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors and/or officers and/or employees and/or agents shall not in any manner be held responsible or liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages and/or losses arising out of, arising/resulting from or related to this Agreement including but not limited to loss of profits, economic losses, loss of opportunity or revenue, anticipated savings even if PTJM has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 


  1. The User agrees and undertakes to fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend PTJM its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors and/or officers and/or employees and/or agents from any actions, claims, demands, costs, proceedings, damages, liabilities and expenses arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with breach by the User of any of the Terms, the laws or rights of any third party.


  1. PTJM may at its sole and absolute discretion immediately suspend or terminate any services to the User without prior notice.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  1. These Terms are governed exclusively by and are to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Any and all actions, disputes or controversies arising out of or in relation to these Terms and/or the use of this Site shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Malaysia.
  2. By entering this Site, the User acknowledges and agrees that this Site is intended for use within Malaysia only. PTJM does not warrant and guarantee that the Site, or the information contained therein, complies with the local laws or regulations of, or is appropriate for use in any other jurisdiction or location from which you access it. If the User accesses this Site from a jurisdiction or location other than Malaysia, the User shall be responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws and PTJM shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any breach of local law or regulation that the User may commit as a result of doing so.

General Provisions

  1. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.
  2. No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer relationship is intended or created by these Terms. 
  3. The Terms herein and Personal Data Protection Notice and Privacy Policy are the entire agreement between PTJM and the User regarding the Site, Content and services and replaces and supersedes any prior agreements between PTJM and the User regarding the subject matter.

Contact Information

  1. If the user has any questions, please contact PTJM as follows: -

Tel: +6 017 389 8588


Refund Policy

  1. Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if you have not attended any classes or accessed the online study platform. However, an administration fee of 25% of the class/course price applies (which will not be refunded).
  2. You are not eligible for any refund if you made a request for class/course cancellation less than 5 working days before the class/course starting date.
  3. You are not eligible for any refund after we issued your login details for online study platform before we receive your cancellation request to us.
  4. All requests for refund will take up to 45 days to process.

Gifts Redemption

Only the student with sufficient Star Points is eligible to redeem, and he/she may do so using the various redemption methods implemented by PTJM. Redemption orders once accepted by PTJM cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and the affected Points will not be reinstated. PTJM gives no representation or warranty with respect to any products and/or services featured in the Gifts Catalogue or other channels of redemption. In particular, PTJM gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the Gifts or their suitability for any purpose. However, Members may liaise directly with the Supplier according to the warranty awarded.

Certain Gifts, which are in the form of certificates/vouchers, are valid for use only at participating outlets or Suppliers as mentioned on the certificates/vouchers and only for the specific matters mentioned therein. The certificates/vouchers are valid for use until the date specified and subject to the Terms and Conditions (which includes booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations of liability) therein. If certificates/vouchers remain unused after date specified, the certificates/vouchers will lapse and will not be replaced. PTJM does not accept liability whatsoever (including negligence) with respect to the Gifts supplied or in connection with any Supplier’s refusal to accept certificates/vouchers issued by PTJM for the purpose of redeeming Gifts.


These terms describe in detail the Terms and Conditions that applies to Gifts in the form of Certificates and Vouchers.

The certificate/voucher is only valid for use at participating outlets or Suppliers as mentioned on the certificate/voucher and only on specific matters mentioned therein. Please refer to the outlet listing for more specific terms.

The certificate/voucher is only valid for use until the expiry date indicated on it and is not transferable.

If the certificate/voucher remains unused after the expiry date, it will not be extended and replaced.

Cancellation of certificate/voucher will not be accepted to allow reinstatement of Points.

The certificate/voucher is not refundable or exchangeable for cash.

In the event that certificate/voucher is in the form of cash vouchers, the recipient will have to bear the difference if purchase of goods or services exceeds the certificate/voucher face value. If the purchase amount is less than the certificate/voucher value, the difference will not be paid out to the recipient.

Only original certificates/vouchers will be accepted. Participating outlets or Suppliers will not accept damaged, defaced or photocopied certificate/vouchers.

The participating outlet or Supplier also reserves the right to decline the certificate/voucher if found to be forged, tampered, expired and the certificate/voucher details do not match the recipient's Identification Card/Passport.

PTJM or the participating outlets/ Suppliers will not replace lost, stolen, damaged and expired certificate/vouchers.

This certificate/voucher may not be valid during promotions or special offers. As such, the recipient is required to refer to the participating outlets/Suppliers during the stipulated period of the certificate/voucher validity.

Participating outlets or Suppliers own Terms and Conditions (which includes reservation requirements, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations) will also apply.